• What is the Status Match offer?

    StatusMatch.com, in partnership with CitizenM, offers customers who have frequent flyer status in airline and hotel loyalty programs to apply and receive 12 months of free membership with the mycitizenM+ program. The customer can submit their request at citizenm.statusmatch.com

  • What airlines/hotel status levels are eligible to apply?

    All airlines and hotels are eligible globally. You must hold an elite airline or hotel status (not lounge status and not a subscription).

  • Do I have to have a citizenM account to participate in the campaign?

    Yes, to be eligible, you first need to create a free mycitizenM account at citizenm.com.

    https://citizenm.statusmatch.com. Once approved, you will receive a discount code to redeem the 1 year membership here.

  • What citizenM status can I obtain through the campaign?

    Approved customers will receive the 1-year complimentary mycitizenm+ membership when using the discount code received from your status match, upon signup to the mycitizenM+ membership.

    You can find more information about the benefits and privileges of the mycitizenM+ program here.

  • How long is status valid for if my status match request is approved?

    If your request is approved, you will receive the mycitizenM+ membership for 12 months after signup. Credit card may be required to activate your complimentary 12-month membership.

  • How much does the Status Match application cost?

    The application and processing fee is at no cost for applications after 29 Jan 2024

  • How long will this citizenM Status Match offer be available for?

    citizenM and StatusMatch.com reserve the right to end or amend the campaign anytime. Get in fast!

  • What information do I need to participate in the Status Match campaign?

    To participate in the campaign, you need to apply, upload details of your airline or hotel status and use a valid email address where we can communicate with you.

    During the application process, we will also ask you for proof of your frequent flyer status (for example, a photo of your card), and you may be required to provide other personal details to help us validate your information.

    Once approved, you will receive a special code from StatusMatch, which you can then use to join the mycitizenM+ program for 1-year free membership here.

    Download the citizenM app here.

  • How soon will I have my new mycitizenM+ status?

    You will be informed within three (3) business days following your completed application of the requested information and documentation whether or not your status match has been approved. Once approved, you will receive details in order to claim your 1-year free membership of mycitizenM+.

  • What benefits and privileges does the mycitizenM+ offer?

    Get 15% off rooms, 10% off food and drink (excluding breakfast), late checkout, premium view rooms and more. You can find an overview of the benefits and privileges here.

  • How do I activate my mycitizenM+ code after being approved for a Status Match?

    1. Log in to your free mycitizenM account via the citizenM website.

    2. Using the dropdown from your name, go to 'membership', or click this link.

    3. Click on buy mycitizenM+ membership. It will take you to this page.

    4. Complete your details on the page, including your credit card information (you won't be charged until after your first 12-months), and enter the promo code into the appropriate box and press the apply button to confirm your promo code was successfully activated.

    You should see a box like this:

    citizenm promo

    Only after seeing the success message that your promo code was activated, you may submit the rest of your information on the page (credit card, etc), and complete the transaction.

    The 'total' amount will show as $0 if you have successfully applied the promo code prior to submitting your information/payment.

    5. Your mycitizenM+ membership is active.

    citizenm promo

    Note: Customers that applied before Nov 1, 2023, will receive 12 months of mycitizenM+.

  • What happens if my application is not approved?

    If your request is not approved, you will be notified by email from StatusMatch.com within three (3) business days after we receive your request.

  • How can I contact you if I have more questions?

    If you have questions about your Status Match request: [email protected]